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MARMMiddle Atlantic Regional Meeting (American Chemical Society)
MARMManitoba Amateur Radio Museum (Canada)
MARMModified Adjustable Rate Mortgage
MARMMiddle Armenian (linguistics)
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His very first publication (1980) does two things: identifies an unknown Armenian hapax, and provides this obscure Middle Armenian lexeme with an entirely plausible etymology.
In the absence of a general stemmatic consideration of the transmission history, several of the editor's emendations appear ill founded, Acknowledging in the introduction that the linguistic idiom is that of middle Armenian, he seems uncomfortable with many of the middle forms adduced by the base manuscript, either alluding to the classical equivalent in textual notes or substituting them in the text (usually drawn from MS D which, however, represents the most developed textual state).
The literal rendering is faithful on the whole, but also suffers from the classicizing interpretation of middle Armenian phenomena, thus altering the nuance intended.
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