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Apart form again emphasising that further work would be necessary in order to be able to assess the importance of these factors, I would like to point out that it would seem very tempting to state that in the case of the verbal nouns of the Old Irish verbs daimid and ad-daim (of which the latter is a compound verb from the root of daimid) a new verbal noun form was created because the Old Irish verbal nouns of these verbs ended in a vowel, and with the falling together of short vowels in unstressed syllables in Middle Irish the need for a distinctive verbal ending arose.
(2) O Cuiv (1980: 132) notes examples of other verbal nouns in -ail from Middle Irish that do not, however, appear in IGT (benail 'act of cutting', facciail 'act of seeing', furmiail 'laying prostrate, confining (to bed)', imrascail 'wrestling'); however, I do not wish to discuss these here.
eDIL = Dictionary of the Irish Language: Based Mainly on Old and Middle Irish Materials, 2013 electronic edition.
O Floinn sees the transformation of a poem from Old or Middle Irish to Modern Irish as a process distinct from that of translation of the poem into any other language.
O Conghaile of fifteen Old and Middle Irish religious poems, with translations by Sean O Riordain.
The attraction for O Riordain of translating from Sean O Conghaile's editions of Old and Middle Irish poems is easily understood in the context of O Riordain's continous reevaluation of himself, his identity as a poet, and his work in relation to the Irish literary tradition.
O Riordain is also willing to entertain certain features of Old and Middle Irish that would be considered odd or archaic by the average reader or speaker of Modern Irish.
1086), he translates Middle Irish comdidnad, 'act of comforting; rescuing', with Modern Irish tacaiocht, 'support'.
Knowing what to look for, Scottish historians might find this stream on maps of Buchan; although the word was obsolescent by the Middle Irish period (and needing a gloss), so that the name may have been distorted or lost, the evidence below may allow them to pick this stream out from others in Buchan.
But it is reasonable to derive it from an original in -ai-, like Old Irish aes 'age' (cognate with Latin aevurn 'lifetime' and Greek aion 'lifetime') or Middle Irish taes 'dough' (cognate with Greek stais 'wheat-flour dough': Pedersen and Lewis 1937: 9).
Loxa would be a proto-Pictish cognate of Welsh llosg 'burning' (and its Cornish and Breton equivalents losc and losk, as also the Irish verb loisc 'burn, scorch, sear') that had undergone metathesis; a process perhaps also seen in the Taexali of ancient Aberdeenshire, if (as discussed above) this people's name is related to Middle Irish taesc 'jet, spurt, flow (of blood, etc.)'.
The latter he explained from the Middle Irish proper noun Eitche 'of She Who is Foul, of She Who is Horrid', the feared pagan goddess of this stormy and dangerous loch, with the formidable weir of a' Chonghail 'the Connel' (NM 9134) at its mouth.