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MMRMumps, Measles, Rubella (vaccine)
MMRMeasles, Mumps, Rubella
MMRMismatch Repair (DNA)
MMRMassachusetts Military Reservation
MMRMatch Making Rating (gaming)
MMRMajor Molecular Response
MMRMaternal Mortality Rate
MMRMalaysian Medical Resources (est. 1996)
MMRMulti Master Replication
MMRMulti Media Recording
MMRMulti Media Router
MMRMulti Mode Receiver
MMRBurma (ISO Country code, now Myanmar)
MMRModified Modified Read
MMRMulti-Mode Receiver
MMRMass Market Retailers
MMRMiddle Mississippi River
MMRMarc's Modified Ringer's (laboratory solution)
MMRMeet Me Room (point of interconnection in a video/audio conferencing session
MMRMulti Mode Radar
MMRMolzer Mowery Racing (Golden Valley, MN)
MMRMaster of Marketing Research (University of Georgia)
MMRMildly Mentally Retarded (mildly developmentally disabled is preferred)
MMRMaster Model Railroader (NMRA)
MMRMovimiento Manuela Ramos (Spanish; Peruvian women's group)
MMRModerated Multiple Regression
MMRMerchant Marine Reserve
MMRMulti-Mission Radar (Army)
MMRMain Machinery Room
MMRMemory-Mapped Register
MMRMoney Market Rate
MMRMilitary Munitions Rule
MMRMarine Mammal Regulations (Federal Fisheries Act; Canada)
MMRMask-Mounted Regulator (respirator system)
MMRMultimode Radar
MMRManpower Mobilization Request
MMRMaximum Medical Recovery (Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, RSO 1998, Canada)
MMRMedical Magnetic Resonance (imaging)
MMRMe Meo de Risa (Spanish hash tag)
MMRMinimum Maintenance Road (various locations)
MMRMachinist's Mate, Refrigeration (US Navy)
MMRMinimum Marketable Release (market testing)
MMRMetamorphosis Medical Retreats (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
MMRMagnetometric Resistivity
MMRMazda Motor Russia
MMRMass Miniature Radiography
MMRMobile Multi-Hop Relay
MMRMegalocornea-Mental Retardation Syndrome
MMRMulti-Mode Radio
MMRMinimum Military Requirement
MMRMobile Medical Response, Inc. (ambulance service provider)
MMRMaterial Master Records
MMRMonthly Management Review
MMRModular Multiband Radiometer
MMRMixed Media Router
MMRMobile Meter Reading (of electricity meters)
MMRMaster-Master Replication (databases)
MMRModular Mini Refinery (various locations)
MMRMinimum Marginal Return
MMRMinoan-Mycenaean Religion (Bronze Age, Greece)
MMRMan Made Rock (construction)
MMRMobilization Material Requirement
MMRMultiband Multimode Radio
MMRMission Requirements Review
MMRMarble Mountain Ranch (Somes Bar, CA)
MMRMultimode Radiometer
MMRMaintenance Management Review
MMRMultimission Receiver
MMRManagement Milestone Record
MMRMobile Mission Recognition
MMRMediabase Music Research
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We expected the Middle Mississippi River smallmouth buffalo population to be dominated by y ounger fish given they are often one of the most harvested commercial fish species in the Mississippi River (McMullen et al., 2014).
Middle Mississippi River and Elephant Butte Lake's age-5 fish had identical mean lengths (382 mm), and the size of commercial fishing nets used on the Middle Mississippi River (76.2-82.6 mm; G.
Growth, fecundity, and diets of newly established silver carp in the middle Mississippi River. T.
Because of their importance, management of channel catfish is necessary, but management requires knowledge of life history information such as habitat use and food habits, neither of which has been fully evaluated for channel catfish in the Middle Mississippi River. Our objectives were to describe the habitat use and food habits of channel catfish in the MMR.
Juvenile channel catfish habitat use in the middle Mississippi River. Am.
tetralasmus specimen was found in Bay Creek (Middle Mississippi River tributaries), 1.5 mi E Pittsfield at the Ill.
recta specimens were discovered in Edwards Creek (Middle Mississippi River tributaries) near Aledo in Mercer County, but no date was given (UMMZ 98299).
parvus specimen was found in Burton Creek (Middle Mississippi River tributaries), 2 mi NW Payson at the Ill.
Habitat use during early life history infers recovery needs for shovelnose sturgeon and pallid sturgeon in the Middle Mississippi River. Trans.
Maturation and reproduction of shovelnose sturgeon in the middle Mississippi River. North Am.
Age, growth, and mortality of shovelnose sturgeon, Scaphirhynchus platorynchus, in the middle Mississippi River and lower Wabash River, Illinois.
Declining Recruitment and Growth of Shovelnose Sturgeon in the Middle Mississippi River: Implications for Conservation.