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MRGVMiddle Rio Grande Valley (New Mexico)
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Surface-active arthropod communities in native and exotic riparian vegetation in the middle Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico.
To facilitate comparison to earlier work, this study followed Walker (1987b) in dividing the Rio Grande valley into three sections: (1) upper Rio Grande Valley (URGV): Val Verde, Kinney, Maverick and northwestern Webb counties; (2) middle Rio Grande Valley (MRGV): the remainder of Webb County (including the city of Laredo), Zapata, Dimmit, LaSalle and Starr counties west of Rio Grande City; and (3) lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV): the remainder of Starr County (including Rio Grande City), Hidalgo and Cameron counties.
A driving tour of the villages of the Rio Abajo, the middle Rio Grande Valley region south of Albuquerque, follows parts of the ancient route, evoking its flavor.
The best background on petroglyphs in the middle Rio Grande Valley region is provided by two books published by the University of New Mexico Press: Rock Art in New Mexico by Polly Schaafsma (1992), and Signs From the Ancestors: Zuni Cultural Symbolism and Perceptions of Rock Art by Jane Young (1988).