MIDGETMANSmall Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (USAF)
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He "prefers" the Midgetman over the D-5 Trident missile--but he'd build both.
The Administration has now decided to ask Congress for $25 billion for Midgetman, a price tag somewhat below the original $35 billion to $45 billion projections, It has made the first step seem easy by requesting only $100 million for Midgetman research in 1990.
Their reasoning was that by using the House vote as a bargaining chip, they could get the White House to both move toward arms control talks with the Soviets and embrace the findings of the Scowcroft Commission--which had endorsed Gore's Midgetman proposal.
The Midgetman is a mobile, single-warhead ICBM that its advocates say would give the United States a more secure second-strike, retaliatory capacity (in contrast to existing silo-based ICBMs, which have a fixed location and thus can be easily targeted by Soviet weapons), and do so without providing a significant first-strike capability (since it would have only one warhead, not the multiple independent reentry vehicle, or "MIRV," warheads of the Minuteman and MX).
The United States is already discussing the addition of 500 Midgetman land-based missiles and hundreds of highly accurate D-5 submarine-launched ballistic missiles to its arsenal, and the Soviet Union has begun deploying its SS-25 missiles.
The abandonment of the treaty will enable the United States to install a batch of new weapons systems; already the Pentagon is talking of acquiring 500 Midgetman missiles and hundreds of D-5 submarine-launched ballistic missiles.
Aspin is now leading a Democratic crusade to acquire the single-warhead Midgetman missile.
violations--construction of the Midgetman and of two phased-array radars of Flyingdales and Thule--are ignored.
According to figures provided by the independent Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, by 1987 its research allocations will have overtaken the individual budgets for the MX missile, the Midgetman missile and the Trident 2.
In the past session they approved a $150 million increase in funding for the Midgetman nuclear missile (reduced in conference to $100 million), $2.
Such arms include the MX missile, the Trident 2 missile, the proposed Midgetman mobile missile and the latest generation of Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles.
Because of its mobility the Midgetman is supposed to be able to survive a Soviet nuclear attack better than America's silo-based ICBMs, while possessing the same accuracy and destructive force.