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Mier said the virus is neither an epidemic nor a new phenomenon in Lebanon.
I would say in three or four years, we will tap the stock market,' Mier said.
La vida de fray Servando Teresa de Mier siempre ha despertado interes a historiadores y a novelistas, entre los novelistas tenemos al cubano Reinaldo Arenas quien titulo uno de sus capitulos Del conocimiento de Borunda, en su novela El mundo alucinante (1969), en la cual incorpora los nombres de Borunda y Servando Mier.
Earlier, PNB president Omar Mier said in three to five years the consumer loan business of subsidiary, Allied Bank Savings, will grow more than 30 percent as they beef up the thrift bank's financing products.
Fray Servando Teresa de Mier (1763-1827) recupero, en el marco del pensamiento revolucionario independiente, la figura, la obra y el actuar de otro dominico ilustre, fray Bartolome de Las Casas.
Mier has spent the past two decades in a variety of accounting and finance roles.
A proponent of Mexican independence, Mier uses his exile in Spain and subsequent travails through Europe to expose these "sick" societies of the Old World which now threaten his own physical and emotional well-being.
Ciudad Mier has bounced back again and again after several beatings, and it will again this time," says Sergio Higareda, the director of the city's cultural center, which is housed in a rustic building in the central plaza.
This violence has caused an exodus from a lot of people from [Ciudad] Mier and Guerrero to Miguel Aleman," Lopez said.
Wat die 2007-uitgawe van Die siel van die mier iets besonders maak, is Kannemeyer se deeglik nagevorsde "lnleiding" waarin hy die werk kontekstualiseer.
De hecho, iniciamos este recorrido de la Vida de Fray Servando con lo que Dominguez Michael nos dice sobre el arte de la biografia, de su biografia, pues es aqui donde, creemos, se pueden encontrar algunas de las pistas de su pasion vital por Mier.
When Samantha Dardick Mier and Joel Mier bought their first house in San Jose, they wanted an easily accessible space for backyard entertaining.