MIERMalaysian Institute of Economic Research
MIERMinistry of International Economic Relations (Serbia)
MIERMathematica in Education and Research (quarterly journal)
MIERMulticompartment Immobilized Enzyme Reactor
MIERMembrane-Immobilized Enzyme Reactor (enzyme technology conversion vessel)
MIERMobile Internet Protocol Extensions Rationalization
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Mier explained that male baby chicks are primarily used for this practice as they are "without much value to farms.
I am extremely honored for the trust and confidence bestowed upon me by the NHCC Board of Directors to serve as their Executive Director," said Hinojosa Mier.
Ciudad Mier has bounced back again and again after several beatings, and it will again this time," says Sergio Higareda, the director of the city's cultural center, which is housed in a rustic building in the central plaza.
This violence has caused an exodus from a lot of people from [Ciudad] Mier and Guerrero to Miguel Aleman," Lopez said.
Wat die 2007-uitgawe van Die siel van die mier iets besonders maak, is Kannemeyer se deeglik nagevorsde "lnleiding" waarin hy die werk kontekstualiseer.
Walk around and see what you like, then ask people about their plants," Samantha Dardick Mier advises.
The MIER, however, is sticking to its forecast of 5.
As switch capacities keep growing, the ability to launch wire speed performance tests becomes more and more critical," said Ed Mier, president of Mier Communications Inc.
Bottom line for the Mier report is that migration of existing LAN and WAN networking to full ATM is probably not feasible until mid-1996.
There's a lot of interest in Bousbous," said Animals Lebanon director Jason Mier Monday.
Hinojosa Mier to head the nonprofit organization into the next phase of its planned development.
port of entry at Roma - a hilly town of 12,000 speckled with church steeples, fast food signs and discount stores that is nestled between Laredo and McAllen - a Lions Club community center in Ciudad Miguel Aleman is the temporary home to citizens fleeing nearby Ciudad Mier, which was reportedly overtaken by the Zetas drug cartel early this month.