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MIESMember of the Illuminating Engineering Society
MIESModernized Imagery Exploitation System
MIESMarmara Industrial Engineering Society (Marmara University student community in Turkey)
MIESMulti-Imagery Exploitation System
MIESModular Imagery Exploitation System
MIESMember of the Institute of Engineers, Singapore
MIESMissing If-Else Construct Plus Statements (software fault)
MIESMichigan Industrial Education Society (now called Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society)
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The IESNYC has been celebrating the lighting community for over 50 years and we are proud to co-chair this year's Golden Anniversary of the Lumen Awards and Gala," said Clara Powell, LC, MIES, regional sales manager, Cooledge Lighting and Adrienne Shulman, LC, MIES, regional sales manager, ERCO Lighting.
This year, 10 Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Experts along with 6 school leaders and 3 MIE Fellows from India, represented the country at the event.
MIES VAN DER ROE, L., Some Thoughts On Civilization.
Por su parte, la comparacion entre ambos videos (Bris, 2007 y 2010), permite resaltar los paralelismos establecidos: entre el espacio ilimitado del que la pintura de Mondrian parece mostrarnos distintos fragmentos y el espacio homogeneo del que el Pabellon de Barcelona parece ser una porcion; entre los elementos formales predeterminados que configuran la pintura neoplastica de Mondrian y su traduccion tridimensional en el edificio de Mies; entre la ausencia de figura y fondo de la pintura de Mondrian y la simultaneidad con la que se construyen en el Pabellon de Barcelona los espacios privados y los publicos.
(3) For example, as Sennet explains, Mies' 860-880 Lake Shore Drive Buildings (1949-51) in Chicago emphasize the reflective properties of the material and transform glass into a mirror, which reports and responds (Sennett, "Plate Glass," 363).
The new MIES will be capitalized at 15 million Singapore dollars (SGD), with plans calling for an increase to SGD35 million in the future.
MIES can offer effective measures to address the current challenges in used water reclamation.
McElheny's model subverts the crisp and sleek architecture associated with Mies by bombarding it with bits and pieces conjured from Taut's far less suave, rather plodding signifiers of class consciousness--his blunt use of painterly primaries, for instance.
However, in the meantime, conditions on the ground had changed enormously since the days of Mies' glass tower.
With the Glass House, the nectar didn't all come from Mies. The structure owes as much to classical ideas of balance as it does to the International Style.
MIES VAN DER ROHE was a prominent exponent of architectural ideals that crossed national borders.
Lambert went on to found the Canadian Centre for Architecture in 1979, which has assembled a comprehensive archive of Mies research and previously unstudied Miesian material, including drawings and collages, photographs, project documents, and memorabilia.