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MIJIMeaconing, Intrusion, Jamming and Interference (military tactic)
MIJIMeaconing, Interference, Jamming, & Intrusion (US DoD)
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This solution did not address the issue of the Miji Kenda's true land ownership as a majority of them remained as "squatters".
It includes a Miji Jina foot session, Mala Mayi body wrap, Kodo body massage, Paudi head massage, Mirri facial and Miji Polama hand treatment, all embracing traditional aboriginal healing techniques.
Jimmy Wongo Miji, chairman of public account committee of SSLA said southerners are sadden to witness yet another tragic death of their committed and distinguished leaders of southern Sudan.
26 at the Camelot Village recreation hall at 3700 Babcock Lane in Eugene for Miji K.
The man and woman enter marriage in a hierarchy-based relationship, as symbolized by one of the Javanese wedding rituals called the miji dadi, which means "the sowing of seeds".
The statuette is the work of South African sculptress Ayanda Miji and is currently on display at the town's Swan Theatre.
(45.) Gongan Gongzuo Zhong Guojia Mimi Jiqi Miji Juti Fangwei De Guiding [The Rules on State Secrets and It Detailed Ranking Scopes Involving Public Security Work], art.
Choge: Ina zaman gidan miji, I was living with my husband, Zaman irin mai ban sha'wa.
The important tribes are Adi, Aka, Apa Tani, Bangni, Khampti, Miji, Hill Miri, Mishmi, Monpa, Nishi, Nocte, Singpho, Sulung, Tangsa, Wangcho, etc.
In peacetime, the JEWC provides a wide range of Ew-related services, including operational planning, analytical support, staff augmentation and training, exercise participation and evaluation, systems engineering, MIJI (meaconing, intrusion, jamming and interference) analysis, operational testing and compilation of the DOD EW plan.
Chairperson of Lamu Girls Primary School board Husein Miji said the presence of the motorcycles is a threat to students lives.