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MILSIMMilitary Simulation
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Primary Activities, products, services: * Simulation Products: MILSIM, military constructive simulation * EDMSIM, Emergency & Disaster management Simulation * Software Development: ITN Planner; * Training Services: Exercise design & delivery
MilSim Asia is the only event for the military training, simulation and education community in the region.
But the contract marks the third time a Middle Eastern nation has ordered C4i's MILSIM products, according to the firm.
MILSIM is a multi-purpose computer simulation tool designed to train commanders and staff.
"The signing represents a substantial step forward for our customer; our MILSIM software will be used in their Command and General Staff College, to help future senior leaders," Clive Morgan, C4i Vice President of Customer Solutions, noted in a statement.
Since its inception a decade ago, C4i's MILSIM has been training military leaders and their staff in information management, decision-making, and operational procedures.
Army Combined Arms Center (USACAC) describes constructive simulation as "simulated people and equipment operating in a simulated environment." Because training commanders and their staff in mission command processes at the battalion level and above is often unfeasible due to resource constraints, constructive simulation--such as the type that C4i provides--is highly effective at "replicating the complex nature of the operational environment." Easy to use and laptop portable, C4i's MILSIM enables training to take place anywhere, at any time, with far fewer operators compared to other simulation systems.
Another C4i innovation, MILSIM, incorporates a "Monte Carlo event generator" capability, which enables scenarios to be run hundreds, or even thousands of times, so managers can statistically or quantitatively assess the outcomes.