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MBUFMicrosoft Business User Forum (registered association; Munich, Germany)
MBUFMileage-Based User Fee (transportation)
MBUFMister Bare Uncle Feces (band)
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* Establish a mileage-based user fee pilot program to examine a shift away from motor fuel user taxes.
The Competitive Enterprise report also calls for the elimination of the Highway Trust Fund in favor of mileage-based user fees. While that is a novel idea, no one I know takes it seriously, given the staggering political implications of that seismic shift, as well as the challenges of high administrative and operating costs, and jurisdictional issues.
Libertarian organizations such as the Reason Foundation also contend that the mileage-based user fee is the most viable alternative to the failing Highway Trust Fund.
Mileage-based user fee studies or pilot programs are being considered in eight states.
together with the imposition of mileage-based user fees, would be
utilization of various forms of road pricing or mileage-based user fees
mileage-based user fees or vehicle-miles-traveled ("VMT")
Rather, mileage-based user fees, as recommended in the
(2016) Public Perception of Mileage-Based User Fees. Washington, DC: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.
"California and RUC West have made great inroads into studying mileage-based user fees as an alternative to the gas tax.
With road-use charges, or mileage-based user fees, motorists pay for every mile they drive rather than every gallon of gas they buy.