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M/LMore Or Less
M/LMaintenance Level
M/Lmass per unit length (physics)
M/LMilligram Per Liter
M/LMinelayer (US Navy)
M/LMiles per Litre (fuel consumption)
M/Lnautical miles per litre
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Fuel consumption is as frugal as 74.3mpg (16.3 miles per litre) in the combined test.
For a petrol car with an average fuel consumption of 31mpg, or 6.8 miles per litre, a 2mpg improvement adds 24 miles to the range of a 55-litre (12-gallon) fuel tank - equivalent to a saving of 3.5 litres, pounds 4.85 a tank, or 8.8p a litre.
More and more drivers are slowing down on the daily commute to try to gain a few extra miles per litre.
If non-expert motorists could squeeze more than the average of 8-9 miles per litre, then we'd be onto something.
My sixth passenger will be ace bowler Freddie Flintoff, who's cracked 13 miles per litre, so the competition will be intense.
During the normal driving month she clocked up 179 miles to 22 litres of petrol, an average of 7.9 miles per litre.
With typical oil consumption of 1,000 miles per litre, some cars can burn twice their capacity between services.
e 1.0 Expression SCe 70 ve-door has a combined fuel economy gure of 62.8mpg (13.8 miles per litre) while the Dynamique with the Start and Stop system takes this up to 76.4mpg (16.8 miles per litre).
The Abarth has a 0-62 mph time of just 7.9 seconds and a top speed of 127mph, yet it returns 47.1mpg (10.4 miles per litre) fuel economy on the official combined cycle.
Officially, it returns 53.3mpg (11.7 miles per litre) in the combined cycle.
Two engines petrol and diesel are available in the shape of VW's 1.4-litre TSI unit with Active Cylinder Technology, which can deactivate two of the four cylinders for enhanced economy and returns up to an average 60.1mpg (13.2 miles per litre).
The latest Caddy is powered by new 2.0-litre, four cylinder diesel engines developing 75, 102 and 150ps and includes a Blue Motion panel van specially developed for inner-city deliveries and offering more than 70mpg (15.4 miles per litre).