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MILISMilitary Integrated Logistics Information System
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com 480 Puppies Trophy: 1 Ballymac Eske, 2 Bower William, 3 Ballymac Tobias (m), 4 Bower Show (m), 5 Tae Milis (m).
The website is independent, set up by three keen researchers, Milis, Demetrios Eliades and Demetris Stavrou.
We tried to pass the message that communicating and updating people en masse was a better way of going about it, explained Milis.
Finally, Ludo Milis, in "Purity, Sex and Sin," examines medieval penitentials for evidence of a shift away from ritual taboos to more internalized ethical standards in the church's attempt to control human sexuality.
As Ludo Milis points out, the importance of ritual paganism' declined in modern Christianity largely as the result of the development of a rationalistic worldview that rejects superstitious magic.