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MDWMidway Airport
MDWMeadow (street suffix)
MDWMemorial Day Weekend
MDWMilitary District of Washington (US DoD)
MDWMini Disc Writer
MDWMini Disc Walkman
MDWMichael D. Wilson (George)
MDWMedical Wing
MDWMore Developed World
MDWMunicipal Drinking Water
MDWChicago, IL, USA - Midway (Airport Code)
MDWMunicipal Dataworks (municipalities asset management)
MDWMass Destruction Weapon(s)
MDWMeasured Day Work
MDWMarketing Data Warehouse
MDWMinnesota, Dakota, and Western Railroad
MDWMattress Discount Warehouse (Crystal Lake IL)
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Military District of Washington, D.C., and involve Armed Forces honor guards, elite military bands, and/or guns support (source White website).
"A few months after the World War I Unknown was laid to rest, the commander of the Military District of Washington declined a request to post a sentry at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, saying that visitors to Washington can reach the distantly located tomb only with great difficulty' and predicting that the Tomb is not and never will be visited by the thousands of visitors as is done in England, France, and Italy.' Yet one hundred years later, more than four million people pass through the gates of Arlington National Cemetery each year, and most will visit the Tomb to observe the Changing of the Guard.
The company is assigned to the 12th Aviation Battalion [Army Aviation Brigade], Military District of Washington. The 911th TREC includes combat engineers, firefighters, horizontal- and vertical-construction engineers, and various support military occupational specialties that receive training and certification as rescue technicians and mine rescuers.
Manning's sentence must be reviewed by the so-called convening authority, a general who oversees the Military District of Washington and has the power to reduce the term but not add to it.
Army Military District of Washington) started providing service during daylight hours, the ( U.S.
Military District of Washington commander Maj Gen Michael Linnington referred all charges against Private First Class Bradley Manning to a general court martial, the US Army said.
Army military police officers and noncommissioned officers throughout the Military District of Washington, Lieutenant Aaron Moore observed the scope of activities conducted by our military police--including activities conducted at the U.S.
1st Class Manning is accused of committing," Fox News quoted Captain John Haberland, a legal spokesman for the Military District of Washington, as saying.
Rear-Admiral Richard Greenwood, the Canadian defence attache, presented the coins to Major General Karl Horst, Commanding General of the Military District of Washington. The coin's artist, Katharine Vella Lamarca of Ottawa, was also in attendance.
Army Military District of Washington, whose other component commands and activities include the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (Washington), Arlington National Cemetery, Army Air Operations Group, the U.S.
Army Military District of Washington (MDW) serves as the Army force component and core staff element of the JFHQ-NCR for conducting operations that deter, prevent, and respond to threats aimed at the NCR and for conducting world-class ceremonial, musical, and special events in support of our Nation's leadership.
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