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MREMineral Resource Estimate (various companies)
MREMeal, Ready-To-Eat
MREMinisterio de Relaciones Exteriores (Guatemala)
MREMinimal Reproducible Example (coding)
MREMarriage and Relationship Education (various organizations)
MREMine Risk Education
MREMarket Research Executive (various companies)
MREMeals Rejected by Ethiopians
MREMagnetorheological Elastomer (materials)
MREMajor Roads of Europe (maps)
MREMazda Market Research and Technology Development Center of Europe
MREMovimento Repubblicani Europei (Italian: European Republicans Movement)
MREMaster of Real Estate
MREMagnetic Resonance Elastography (scan)
MREMotorcycle Rider Education (various organizations)
MREMajor Research Equipment
MREMarket Rate of Exchange
MREMaster of Religious Education (college degree)
MREMission Rehearsal Exercise
MREMean Relative Estimation Error
MREMetal Response Element (DNA)
MREMilitary Rules of Evidence
MREMission Readiness Exercise
MREMeals Refused by Ethiopians
MREMagnitude of Relative Error
MREManaged Reporting Environment (Knowledge Management)
MREMost Recent Episode (medicine)
MREMilieudienst Regio Eindhoven (Dutch: Eindhoven Environmental Region; Netherlands)
MREMaintenance, Repair and Environmental
MREMining Research Establishment
MREMode Request
MREMagneto-Resistive Element
MREMisión Revolución Energética (Spanish: Energy Revolution Program; Venezuela)
MREMaven, Relater, Evangelist (from The Human Fabric by Bijoy Goswami)
MREMultiply Resistant Enterococci
MREMilitary Records Envelope
MREMaterial Requirement External
MREMultiple Representation Environment
MREMidwest Renewable Energy
MREMono-Propellant Rocket Engine
MREMessage Reference File
MREMultifunction RADIAC Equipment
MREMid-Range Estimate
MREMarket Rate Equity
MREMajority Rule Equilibrium
MREMicroRNA (Ribonucleic Acid) Response Element (molecule)
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Federal courts consider the Military Rules of Evidence, which outline the rules and procedures that govern how military officers conduct military searches, in evaluating the reasonableness of military searches.
Military Rules of Evidence should be consulted where appropriate.
The Federal Rules of Evidence and the Military Rules of Evidence (for use in courts-martial) exact a high standard before evidence is allowed to be "admitted" and considered by the finder of fact, and they would require a lengthy trial.
Prior to 1980, no codified rules governed the admission of evidence at courts-martial, but standard practice called for military judges to admit good military character evidence broadly.(36) After the Military Rules of Evidence were adopted in 1980, judicial interpretations of Rule 404(a)(1) preserved this traditional military defense by defining the limiting term "pertinent" as merely "relevant,"(37) allowing the liberal admissibility of military character evidence to continue.(38)
Nothing in this rule shall be construed to require the disclosure of information protected from disclosure by the Military Rules of Evidence. Nothing in this rule shall require the disclosure or production of notes, memoranda, or similar working papers prepared by counsel and counsel's assistants and representatives.
The Military Rules of Evidence (MRE) provide that a rights
The Military Rules of Evidence (MRE) should be amended specifically to address searches of military defense counsel.
context of the military, "Although the Military Rules of Evidence
Constitution guarantees that those accused in criminal prosecutions have the right to be "confronted with the witnesses against [them]" and to have "compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in [their] favor." (119) The Supreme Court has held that "[t]he central concern of the Confrontation Clause is to ensure the reliability of the evidence against a criminal defendant by subjecting it to rigorous testing in the context of an adversary proceeding before the trier of fact." (120) The Military Rules of Evidence (Mil.
The Military Rules of Evidence (MREs) offer little guidance on what it means to "exercise" or "invoke" the right to remain silent.
spousal privileges under the Military Rules of Evidence where such
The Manual for Courts-Martial contains the Rules for Courts-Martial (RCM), the Military Rules of Evidence (MRE), (2) and the UCMJ The MCM covers almost all aspects of military law.
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