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MLSTDMilitary Standard
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There was no prudery about him; he would not decline to join a pleasure party; he in no way offended against military standards; but when questioned as to his affairs of the heart, he either kept silence or answered with a jest.
Built to military standard (MIL-STD), the MPT30 features minimal Size, Weight and Power consumption (SWaP).
As with the controller announcement last year, the power supply and UPS have achieved compliance with Military Standard 461 and International Electrical Commission 61000 for EMP resistance.
This case is Military Standard 810G drop test certified.
Our technology is military standard and we are tendering against multi million pound companies.
Drop tested to military standard, the Mobile One Classbook was designed to withstand the knocks, scrapes and bumps of school life.
A TORTURE DEVICE, ARTICLE OF FAITH, A MILITARY standard, a sign that Jesus is Lord over America--a lot for two pieces of wood to bear.
The SCIP was originally envisioned as a "portal" product, providing Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) transaction input capabilities, allowing users to query consolidated case, case line, requisition and supply discrepancy report information extracted daily from the Defense Security Assistance Management System (DSAMS) and Army, Navy and Air Force legacy systems.
Not only has it passed the German military standard with flying colours, it has also been given NATO approval.
These BMA Blindmate radio frequency connectors are designed to interface dimensions of military standard 348.
The new wrapper technique was recently demonstrated in an F-15E Eagle strike fighter equipped with an advanced display core processor based on commercial hardware, avionics software developed using a commercial programming language, and the military standard programming language legacy software.
ECCO (Electronic Connector Co.), a leading interconnect solutions provider, has received approval by the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) & Aero Conesys to build military standard series III in the D38999 family of electronic connectors.
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