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Although, a cause-effect relationship between average milk CMS, milk urea nitrogen, and milk pH has been reported, these variables were not included in the model to avoid multicollinearity, as these parameters presented a high correlation with [kappa]-CN content.
Milk urea nitrogen presented a quadratic effect, with minimum values observed when sorghum silage was replaced by up to 43.76%.
Review of the relationship between milk urea nitrogen and days in milk, parity, and monthly temperature mean in Iranian Holstein cows.
Concentration of milk urea nitrogen and somatic cell counts: In Canadian dairy breeds (Holstein and Ayrshires) the concentration of milk urea nitrogen increases over parities, whereas lactose percentage decreases in later parities.
Prediction of ammonia emission from dairy cattle manure based on milk urea nitrogen: Relation of milk urea nitrogen to urine urea nitrogen excretion.
Milk fat (B), protein (C), lactose (D), solid-not-fat (E), and milk urea nitrogen (F) were measured for the pre-transport (-24 h), transport (1, 2, 4 h), and post-transport (+2, +24, +48 h).
One set of duplicate samples was used for analysis of fat, protein, lactose and milk urea nitrogen (MUN) by infrared spectroscopy (MilkoScan FT6000, Foss Electric A/S, Hillerod, Denmark).
Another aliquot without Bromopol was stored at -20[degrees]C immediately for milk urea nitrogen (MUN) analysis using colorimetric method.