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MDGIMillennium Development Goals Initiative (United Nations Development Programme Regional Centre in Colombo; Colombo, Sri Lanka)
MDGIMetropolitan Design Group, Inc. (Houston, TX)
MDGIMinor Degrees of Glucose Intolerance (pregnancy)
MDGIMammary-gland-Derived Growth Inhibitor
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The Philippines is among Asia-Pacific countries that met the previous goal of reducing by half the incidence of hunger by 2015, as laid out in the 15-year Millennium Development Goals initiative.
He added that Niger had also become eligible for the EU's Millennium Development Goals Initiative, focusing on the welfare of the poorest people.
As chair of the Group of 77, Sudan will lead on economic issues, international trade negotiations, issues of the Millennium Development Goals initiative, climate change, poverty, the international food shortage, and preparations for the Summit of the South Countries.
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