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MVMusic Video
MVMedium Voltage
MVMove (Unix command)
MVMotion Vector
MVMountain View (California city)
MVMecklenburg-Vorpommern (German region)
MVMartha's Vineyard (Massachusetts Island)
MVMarket Value
MVMount Vernon (various locations)
MVManual Valve (various companies)
MVMission Viejo (California)
MVMill Valley (California)
MVMid-Valley (various locations)
MVMechanical Ventilation
MVMiami Vice (TV show)
MVMotor Vessel
MVMercury Vapor (lighting)
MVMilli Vanilli
MVMeasured Value
MVMean Value
MVMaple Valley (Washington)
MVMitral Valve
MVModern Vespa (motor scooters)
MVMerchant Vessel
MVMissouri Valley
MVMini Van
MVMuzzle Velocity
MVMona Vie (health drink)
MVMinisink Valley (New York)
MVMultivalue (software)
MVMonta Vista (high school)
MVMendelevium (isotope)
MVMean Velocity
MVMoving Vehicle
MVMillennium Volunteers (UK)
MVMinute Volume
MVModus Vivendi (Latin: way of life)
MVManipulated Variable
MVMolecular Virology
MVMain Verb
MVMarburg virus
MVMother Vessel
MVMuscle Volume
MVMy Vitriol (UK band)
MVMeccanica Verghera (Italian motorcycle company)
MVMagna Veritas (roleplaying game)
MVManufacturing Verification
MVMedina Valley (Medina County, Texas)
MVMoonroof Visor (vehicles)
MVArmenian International Airways (IATA airline code)
MVMetasyntactic Variable
MVMatanitu Vanua (Conservative Alliance Party, Fiji)
MVMotorised Valve
MVmezza voce (Italian: medium voice; music)
MVMidland Valley Railroad
MVApparent Visual Magnitude (Spanish gaming website)
MVMiniature Vehicle
MVMichel Vick (ex football quarterback)
MVMaster Vessel
MVMoving Violationz
MVMobilization Value
MVMemória Visual - Produções Digitais, Lda
MVCamp Merrowvista
MVManpower Voucher
MVMed'icus Veterina'rius - Veterinary Physician
MVMontaVista, Inc.
MVSimple Multi-Visit
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Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "The Milli Vanilli Condition: Essays on Culture in the New Millennium" is as informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking.
The Milli Vanilli of the quill and ink, the real author of all those great works (they say) was actually Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.
Heading down were Brother Beyond with He Ain't No Competition, Milli Vanilli with Girl You Know It's True, and Enya with Orinoco Flow.
44-year-old Jamie Smith also listened to other tracks by Elton John, which included 'Crocodile Rock' at full volume, as well as other songs by UB40, 1980s' R and B act Milli Vanilli and rapper Eminem.
While in the program, each participant gets a "sweet name" - like Smiley Cyrus, Richard Simmons or Milli Vanilli - to "de-gangsterize" them and make them more comfortable speaking to a large group.
Replace Milli Vanilli with Justin Bieber if you want to seem youthful and hip.
A) Pepsi & Shirley B) Milli Vanilli C) Pet Shop Boys 6 Who's the Hollywood star whose musical compositions were performed at Cardiff's St David's Hall?
Shoulder pads Milli Vanilli Strikes Perms Deely boppers
Some Grammy pundits also wonder about the application of "best," pointing to the Grammys most infamous choice: the victory of Milli Vanilli in 1990.
Junior Boys are no Milli Vanilli, but they are the cream of the crop when it comes to indie electro producers pushing new ground.
Bruno is a flamboyant gay stereotype writ loud and crude, and we frequently feel grubby watching his antics, such as visiting a medium to contact the ghost of Milli from disgraced 1980s group Milli Vanilli for a lewd sexual encounter.
Bruno is a flamboyant gay stereotype writ loud and crude, and we frequently feel grubby watching the character's antics such as when he visits a medium to contact the ghost of Milli from disgraced 1980s pop group Milli Vanilli or an X-rated montage of bedroom scenes with pygmy flight-attendant boyfriend Diesel (Banagale).