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Aldebaran has a large apparent disk as stars go, 21 milliarcseconds wide.
ALMA has imaged planet-induced gaps before, but never at this resolution: details 35 milliarcseconds across are resolved in the image, or 5 a.u.
Astronomers now think that the Sun's polar and equatorial diameters differ by only about 7 milliarcseconds. In this regard, Einstein is vindicated.
The fifty-four 12-meter antennas and twelve 7-meter antennas will work together to produce images up to 20 times sharper than previous (sub)millimeter telescopes, capturing details as fine as 6 milliarcseconds across.
For stars between 10th and 14th magnitude, positions are known to within 20 milliarcseconds. The current optical reference, the Hipparcos Catalog, reaches only 8th magnitude or so.
Kraus and Ireland initially detected the companion in 2009 at a tiny separation of about 75 milliarcseconds (a Saturn-like 10 a.u.
Quite possibly the largest astronomy project in history, when completed it will have a resolution of less than 20 milliarcseconds at 345 GHz.
Both abruptly shifted by 60 milliarcseconds (the width of a hair seen from 900 feet, or 275 meters) in a particular direction in 1949 and then back again over the course of the second half of 1957.
The star is 2.0 milliarcseconds wide in the infrared images below, corresponding to a diameter of 1.3 astronomical units.