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MMWMillimeter Wave
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MMWMulti Media Workstation
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MMWMaine Media Workshops (Rockport, ME)
MMWMaking of the Modern World (course at Eleanor Roosevelt College, University of California, San Diego)
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MMWMagne Magler Wiggen (Norwegian architects)
MMWMulti Mega Watt
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Phazr is partnering with C Spire to develop affordable 5G millimeter wave solutions using 5G client devices and base stations to extend the Mississippi company's extensive 8,700 route miles of fiber infrastructure across its network, much of it at the edge of many neighborhoods, towns, cities and counties.
This is the first standards-based mobile 5G device in the world able to access a live millimeter wave 5G network.
Hammer-IMS nv in Hasselt, Belgium, a spinoff of Belgium's Catholic University of Leuven, launched its new M-Ray millimeter wave sensor to control sheet thickness and already has two M-Ray systems installed commercially.
In recent years, enormous success regarding measuring accuracy has been achieved by researching metrological applications with frequencies in the millimeter wave range.
Global Millimeter Wave Technology market is segmented by frequency band, by, product, by application, by license, by component and by geography.
The front-end T/R module's performance plays the key role in the millimeter wave active holographic imaging system.
Millimeter wave propagation characteristics in complex indoor environments require further analysis, which is our next research direction.
The proposed microstrip subharmonic mixer is used to downconvert a millimeter wave Ka band RF input signal ([f.sub.RF] = 39.75 GHz) to an intermediate frequency ([f.sub.IF] = 3.95 GHz), by mixing the input signal with the second harmonic component of a fundamental LO signal (fLO = 17.9 GHz).
The global millimeter wave technology revenue market is expected to reach $116 million by end of 2013 and is expected to grow to cross $1.1 billion in 2018 at a CAGR of 59.1%.
The center ultimately selected a millimeter wave based system as the best available technology, said Rappaport.
The other type of scanner uses millimeter waves, which have wavelengths that fall between infrared and microwave.
Millimeter Wave Evaluation--Graterford Correctional Institution
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