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MMMMaa- ja Metsätalousministeriö (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland)
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MMMMelting Marshmallow Moment (bath melt)
MMMMedical Marketing and Media (New York, NY)
MMMMalteser Migranten Medizin (German: Maltese Migrant Medicine)
MMMMaster of Management and Manufacturing (degree)
MMMMitsubishi Motors Malaysia (vehicles)
MMMMedium Multi Media
MMMMultimedia Mail Service
MMMMultiple Master Metrics
MMMMicrosoft Multimedia Movie
MMMMulti Media Movie
MMMMarketing Mix Modeling (statistical analysis)
MMMMillion Marijuana March (aka Global Marijuana March)
MMMMagnetism and Magnetic Materials (annual conference)
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MMMMagic Mail Monitor (email)
MMMMillion Man March (Washington, DC)
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MMMMinnesota Mining & Manufacturing (now known simply as 3M; also their stock symbol)
MMMMillion Mom March (Washington, DC)
MMMMyelofibrosis with Myeloid Metaplasia
MMMMalaysian Merchant Marine (investment holding company)
MMMMauritian Militant Movement
MMMMoney Making Machine
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MMMMinato Media Museum (Japan)
MMMMobile Media Mode
MMMMulticultural Marketing and Management (Australia)
MMMMuslim Members of the Military (est. 1991)
MMMMining, Metals and Minerals (Honeywell)
MMMMillions More Movement
MMMMake Me Move (Zillow online real estate tool)
MMMMasters in Medical Management (degree)
MMMMouvement Mondial des Mères (French: World Movement of Mothers; est. 1947)
MMMMusique Multi-Montréal (Montreal, Qubec, Canada)
MMMMany Mountains Moving
MMMMavrodi Money Machine (investment scheme)
MMMMichigan Maritime Museum (South Haven, MI)
MMMMember of the Order of Military Merit (Canada)
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MMMMillion Minutes per Month (telecommunications)
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MMMMarine Mammal Medic (British Divers Marine Life Rescue; UK)
MMMMaterials Management Manual
MMMMissionaries of Mary Mediatrix
MMMMotor Machinist Mate (USN rating)
MMMMulti Mission Missile
MMMMontreuil Marseille Marrakech (photographer in Marrakech, Morocco)
MMMMédiathèque Musicale Mahler (French: Mahler Multimedia Library)
MMMMitsui Meehanite Metal (Japan)
MMMMultilevel Moment Method
MMMMainframe Modem Manager
MMMMedical Materiel Manager
MMMMaintenance Man Minutes
MMMMajor Math Mistake (Math Magazine)
MMMMode Management Module
MMMMouvement pour un Monde Meilleur (French: Movement for a Better World)
MMMMaintenance Manual Organization & Intermediate Levels (TMINS)
MMMMultiplicity Map Matrix
MMMMichael the Maintenance Man (radio personality)
MMMMoon Mineral Mapper
MMMMabin Millennium Music (Chicago, IL)
MMMMountain Maryland Marathon (Cumberland, MD)
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The said actions have helped increase legitimate traffic from around an average of 450 million minutes per month during 2014 to around an average of 900 million minutes per month during 2018,' it said.
State Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Anusha Rahman has said legal traffic that stood at around two billion minutes per month before introduction of International Clearing House (ICH) regime, dropped to around 400 million minutes per month by September 2014.
He said that the government had rationalized the rates of international calls, which would benefit expatriate Pakistanis and promote legal traffic, which increased from 367 million minutes per month in November 2014 to 1,100 million minutes per month by now - a three fold increase.
According to the fresh data, the recorded volume of incoming international calls dropped from an astonishing two billion minutes to less than 500 million minutes per month in two years, courtesy the mushroom growth of illegal telephone exchanges across the country.
The participants were informed about the efforts made by the monitoring team and the resultant arrests of culprits and confiscations of illegal equipment and gateways during the presentation: It is worth mentioning here that merely one such set up was involved in about 11 million minutes per month of grey traffic.
TringMe is one of the world's leading voice communication company offering "career quality" free & paid calls to over 16 million users who consume over 52 million minutes per month. TringMe offers various ways of making calls over internet including direct calling from browsers, its Blackberry & Android mobile apps, from Google-Talk, via Callback, web based Widgets etc.
With inbound traffic of more than 140 million minutes per month, Colombia is one of the major destinations for international voice traffic in Latin America.
Net4 also manages a VoIP/ SIP infrastructure with a capacity of 100 million minutes per month hosted out of India, US & Singapore.
From May 2008 onwards, the average incoming traffic remained above 500 million minutes per month, resulting in an increase in APC for USF contribution of $ 14 million per month (May 2008-Jan 2009) which further increased to US$ 22 million per month from February 2009 to June 2009 when PTA increased the ASR to 12.5 cents/minute.
The agreement, of undisclosed financial terms, will represent over six million minutes per month in voice services, distributed between local and long distance service.
Video relay services have only come into common use in the last three years or so, and usage is growing rapidly, having jumped from about 1 million minutes per month in August 2004 to about 6 million minutes in August of this year, according to the National Exchange Carrier Association.
For an estimated 10 million minutes per month traffic, Teledata expects to get $500,000 per month as net revenue.
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