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MSPSMinimum Student Performance Standards
MSPSMega Symbols per Second
MSPSMuskie School of Public Service (University of Southern Maine)
MSPSMega-Samples Per Second
MSPSMillion Samples Per Second
MSPSMichigan Society of Professional Surveyors
MSPSMaster's of Science in Professional Science
MSPSMedical School Profile System (Association of American Medical Colleges)
MSPSMarket Support & Promotion Services (various locations)
MSPSMobilization Stationing and Planning System (US DoD)
MSPSModular Synthesis Plug-In System
MSPSMillion Symbols per Second
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With a new streaming mode capable of transferring over six million samples per second, it allows the scope to bypass its own memory buffer and transfer data direct to the PC's memory.
The AD9244 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) provides 14-bits of accuracy at a speed of 65 million samples per second (msps) while consuming 590 mW of power, making it well suited to pico-cell and micro-cell designs.
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