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The state's Million Solar Roofs Initiative, passed in August 2006, is a 10-year, $3.2 billion incentive program that will spur the development of the solar industry and is projected to create 15,000 jobs.
This advanced technology ties into the Million Solar Roofs initiative recently signed into law by our Governor and it will be used as part of a business incubator for entrepreneurs interested in starting companies in the fields of water and renewable energy."
CONTACT: Million Solar Roofs Initiative, (617)565-9713,; State Incentives for Renewable Energy,
Solar advocates have high praise for the Solar Decathlon and for the DOE's Million Solar Roofs Initiative, through which the federal government has committed to install solar systems on 20,000 federal buildings by 2010.
The Energy Department has a much-ballyhooed "Million Solar Roofs Initiative"--but it has no real money.
The curriculum - it's on the Internet at - was developed with a $1,500 grant from the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, a campaign spearheaded by utilities, the solar industry and other groups to promote solar on roofs and remove barriers to its use.
Department of Energy's (DOE's) Million Solar Roofs Initiative. In October 2000, 1,000 watts of solar-generated electricity were added at Wheelersburg Elementary School during a dedication ceremony for the school's Solar Lab Project.
In 1997, however, the Clinton administration did launch the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, an underfunded but ambitious plan to facilitate solar construction by bringing together architects, school builders, solar companies, and others into partnerships.
The hope is that the Million Solar Roofs Initiative will increase momentum in the U.S.
President Clinton's Million Solar Roofs Initiative, created in 1997, aims to cover a million American rooftops with solar systems by 2010.
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