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MMSTBMillion Stock Tank Barrels
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The company has reported total proved developed non-producing oil reserves of 1.753 MMSTB (million stock tank barrels) at December 31, 2008 from the Tarapur 1 Field.
energy imports, the new discovery of oil as well as gas had been made by Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDC) in Tando Allah Yar which contains, according to tentative analysis, around two million stock tank barrels of oil and 38 billion cubic feet of gas.
Volumes of oil and condensate, defined as C5 plus petroleum components, are converted from MMbbls (million stock tank barrels) to MMboe on a 1:1 ratio.
approximating that the indicative gross proved plus probable (2P) reserves stood at 72.1 million stock tank barrels (MMstb) of oil and 102.4 billion standard cubic feet of gas.
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