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MSEKMillion Swedish Kroner
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Each man won 5 million Swedish kroner, which is currently worth about $706,000.
The total prize package exceeds a million Swedish Kroner, so lead owner and Heath House etiquette adviser Wally Sturt will be starring in a remake of the old caper movie How To Steal A Million.
The fine of two million Swedish Kroner was imposed on the London office of Credit Suisse First Boston after a four-month investigation by Swedish stock market officials.
The Household Appliances division increased operating profits 15.7 percent to $111.63 million (864 million Swedish kroner) from $96.51 million (747 million SEK).
Frigoscandia French unit, AGA S.A., acquired a 51.4% interest in CEGF for 515 million francs (665 million Swedish kroner).
As per the terms of the most significant change, Sweden will provide more than 48 million Swedish kroner (around US$7 million) to repair the hydroelectric facilities of Mavuzi and Chicamba on the Revue River, in the central province of Manica.
The Minister said in addition to this loan, the Swedish International Development Agency has donated 300 million Swedish kroner or 34 million euros and currently they are negotiating with state German bank KfW for a loan of 18 million euros, which makes up the total of 102 million euros.
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