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MYAMonterey (Amtrak station code; Monterey, CA)
MYAMillion Years Ago
MYAMyanmar (formerly Burma)
MYAMove Your Ass
MYAMy Account
MYAMulti-Year Agreement (various locations)
MYAMidwest Young Artists
MYAMove Your Asana (workout)
MYAMiss You Always
MYAMissing You Already
MYAMyasistchev (Soviet aircraft designer)
MYAMoruya, New South Wales, Australia - Moruya (Airport Code)
MYAMinoru Yamasaki Associates (World Trade Center architects)
MYAMarket Yield Adjustment (finance)
MYAMainline Youth Alliance (Wayne, PA)
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So, from our reference frame, the collision happened approximately 100 million years ago, while from the reference frame of the Bullet cluster, it happened around 4 billion + 100 million years ago.
5 ENTELODONT (Perfect Toothed, right): Lived 45-25 million years ago.
These mammals lived in China about 130 million years ago.
But until the appearance of Archaeopteris (or "ancient fern) 370 million years ago, scientists think Earth had no shade at all.
rex and its cousins evolved from huge predators that lived 145 million years ago.
The Mesozoic era, which began about 225 million years ago and ended 65 million years ago, spans the period when dinos roamed Earth.
Other evidence suggests grasses could have first appeared as far back as 80 million years ago.
Some 34 million years ago, the conditions for fossilization--a quick burial by sediments, slow and steady bombardment by heat and pressure, and a mineral takeover of body tissues--were just right there.