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MIPSMillion Instructions Per Second
MIPSMerit-Based Incentive Payment System (Medicare)
MIPSMultiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer (IR camera for NASA's Spitzer Telescope)
MIPSMultidirectional Impact Protection System (bicycle helmets)
MIPSMicroprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages
MIPSMeaningless Indication of Processor Speed
MIPSMillions of Instructions per Second
MIPSMcafee Intrusion Protection Solutions
MIPSMultichannel Interface Processor
MIPSMicrocomputer Image Processing System
MIPSMunich Information Center for Protein Sequences
MIPSMaterial Input Per Service (sustainability unit)
MIPSMaryland Industrial Partnerships
MIPSMonthly Income Preferred Shares (financial product developed in 1993)
MIPSMega Instructions Per Second
MIPSMeaningless Information Per Second
MIPSMenards Infiniti Pro Series (auto racing)
MIPSMember of the Institute of Professional Sound (UK)
MIPSMedical Image Perception Society
MIPSMaster Integrated Program Schedule
MIPSMultimission Image Processing Subsystem
MIPSMultimedia Information Presentation System
MIPSMarine Integrated Personnel System
MIPSMaintenance Index Page
MIPSModified Integrated Program Summary
MIPSMaritime Integrated Air and Missile Defense Planning System
MIPSMir Interface to Payload Systems
MIPSMacedonian Interbank Payment System
MIPSMale Iron Pipe Size (pipe threading)
MIPSMembrane Interface Probe System
MIPSMarine Corps Integrated Personnel System
MIPSMulti-Instruction Processing System
MIPSMaritime Integrated Personnel System
MIPSMaster Installment Purchase System
MIPSMini Interferometric Phase Sensor
MIPSMolecular Imaging Program Aat Stanford
MIPSMorse Intercept Position Simulator
MIPSMinimum Integration Protection System
MIPSMarshall Islands Postal Service
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Fitch expects this segment to decline low single digits based on the lack of new use cases for mainframes and price declines that outweigh usage growth (generally measured in millions of instructions per second [MIPS]).
Total delivery of z Systems computing power, as measured in MIPS (millions of instructions per second), increased 28 percent.
OVPsim and Imperas simulator products are fast, running simulated software at hundreds of millions of instructions per second. Additional performance can be achieved for virtual platforms which include multiple processor instances, multicore processors and processors that support hardware multi-threading.
Today, they complete many MIPS, or millions of instructions per second. Transistors are electronic switches that are being engineered smaller and smaller every year, such that thousands to millions of transistors can be installed in one microprocessor.
So far, Gartner has not been able to find any customers who have saved money by using Neon, but Chuba says "It's potentially very damaging to IBM if this were to take hold because suddenly you might be able to run 3,000 MIPS worth of work on a 1,000 MIPS machine with a bunch of specialty engines." <p>Overall mainframe capacity in the marketplace, as measured in MIPS (millions of instructions per second), is continuing to grow in part because large IBM customers are adding to existing investments, Chuba said.
The work being done by Macro 4 partner CPTGlobal is intended to identify and then implement possible savings where performance, measured in MIPS (millions of instructions per second), can be improved in the run up to Christmas with the aim of preventing the need for Tesco to buy in additional mainframe resources during the busy period.
Morgan Chase, said computing cycles are sometimes referred to as MIPS, an acronym for millions of instructions per second.
Today, they measure computer power in millions of instructions per second. The RAMAC--just the disk drive, not the entire system--was $10,000 worth of megabytes.
MIPS (millions of instructions per second) sales, an indicator of how much mainframe capacity customers have bought, were down 4% for the quarter.
Ignoring conflicting vendor claims, RFG focused its analysis on the amount of computing power shipped by IBM and its competitors, expressed in MIPS or "millions of instructions per second." Despite the difficulties of direct comparisons, RFG found that Sun sold more than twice as many MIPS than IBM did in 1999.
Yes, if you measure the costs of processing data - a common unit of measure is MIPS (millions of instructions per second) - microprocessors represent a less-costly platform than mainframes.
* The amount of computer power in the world (measured in millions of instructions per second) tripled between 1988 and 1992.