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MILSTARMilitary Strategic Tactical Relay
MILSTARMilitary Strategic, Tactical & Relay (SATCOM)
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The Government Accountability Office identified the following MILSTAR problems:
Made up of five satellites, the Milstar constellation flies in geosynchronous orbit and provides secure, reliable and robust communications capabilities to U.
TSAT provides significantly more capacity and connections than the Milstar and AEHF systems, improving availability of protected satellite communications for future military operations.
This milestone achievement clearly demonstrates our prototype terminal's ability to be recognized by and communicate effectively with Milstar satellites while in full platform motion," said Sheldon Fox, vice president and general manager of Department of Defense Programs, Harris Government Communications Systems Division.
MILSTAR provides direct satellite communications support to mobile forces that is autonomous, worldwide, highly jam resistant and secure.
While at Raytheon, Triggs was Group Leader of the MILSTAR Hardening Groups supervising nuclear hardening of the Air Force Satellite ground receiving terminal, MILSTAR Program.
The Air Force s Space and Missile Systems Center and LMSS began talking in 2013 about combining the operations and sustainment of its Milstar and Defense Satellite Communications System III fleets, 13 satellites in all, with the management of the three new Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) communications satellites.
One Advanced EHF satellite provides greater total capacity than the entire 5-satellite legacy Milstar constellation with individual user data rates up to five times greater than seen on the Milstar system.
If you look at the areas of communication, there are things like the Milstar [a satellite communications system].
The Milstar system has provided our core secure communications capability, and was crucial to the U.
The Secure Mobile Anti-jam Reliable Tactical Terminal, AN/TSC-154 is a transportable, tactical satellite communications terminal that operates with the Milstar satellite low data rate and medium data rate communications payloads.
Black programs include the Navy's advancedtactical fighter; the Stealth bomber, the most expensive military project in American history; and Milstar satellites, the new global switchboard for nuclear war, designed to relay the launch orders for nuclear weapons from 70,000 miles in space.