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MHOBMind Her Own Business
MHOBMind His Own Business
MHOBMany Hearts One Beat
MHOBMind His Own Beeswax
MHOBMind Her Own Beeswax
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Every man should be content to mind his own business.
He had as good mind his own business, whoever he is," growled the man.
Gently, senor commissary," said the galley slave at this, "let us have no fixing of names or surnames; my name is Gines, not Ginesillo, and my family name is Pasamonte, not Parapilla as you say; let each one mind his own business, and he will be doing enough.
Wherefore, and because he looked with no favourable eye upon young girls, but rather considered that they and the whole female sex were a kind of nonsensical mistake on the part of Nature, he took occasion to retire and shake his head in private at the boiler; inspired by which silent oracle, he was moved to give Joe various stealthy nudges with his elbow, as a parental reproof and gentle admonition to mind his own business and not make a fool of himself.
Awni told Khamenehi to mind his own business or else the Kurdistan Region would also be entitled to interfere in Iran's domestic affairs with regards to the fate of its minority groups.
But DUP MLA Jim Wells told Mr McConvey to mind his own business.