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MYOBMind Your Own Business
MYOBMake Your Own Bullets (vampires)
MYOBMake Your Own Bed
MYOBMind Your Own Beeswax
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Give up the idea and mind your own business," advised the General.
You run the boat and mind your own business, Rowsell.
Suppose you mind your own business," suggested O'Sullivan, blandly.
The porter, although half asleep from the wine he had drunk, heard the words, and without moving cried angrily to the Calender, "Sit down and mind your own business.
com Liverpool's Mind Your Own Business hosts monthly telephone conference sessions.
The SBA and JA Worldwide (Junior Achievement) have teamed up to develop three new Mind Your Own Business resources: a student activities guide, a volunteer guide and an assessment tool.
The support and backing Visa and Mind Your Own Business magazine have shown us means a great deal to us and we will build on this great success in the near future.
Mind your own business, says Labour, you have failed so you keep out.
It was just her way of telling you to mind your own business.
From Aberaeron to Aberdare and from Swansea to Montgomery, almost 70 schools are participating in Mind Your Own Business 2003, an award-winning six-week mini-enterprise project.