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MMOBMaster Musicians of Bukkake (band)
MMOBMainstreet Moms Oppose Bush (California grass roots organization)
MMOBMinding My Own Business
MMOBMainstreet Moms Operation Blue
MMOBMulti-Media on Board (transportation; various locations)
MMOBMuscle Mustangs of Brevard (car club; Florida)
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Pointing out that "historians loathe [1920s Presidents] Harding and Coolidge," because both "stayed out of the economy and out of people's lives," Woods delightedly cites Calvin Coolidge's assessment of his own presidency: "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business."
The other day I was driving along the Gardner expressway in Toronto minding my own business watching the sun setting nicely into the choking pollution, which gave everything a nice gaseous orange and red hue, when suddenly a half naked mermaid jumped out in front of my car and nearly killed me.
"I am not a fighter; I was just minding my own business.