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MCMVMouse Cytomegalovirus
MCMVMine Countermeasures Vessel
MCMVMaize Chlorotic Mottle Virus
MCMVMaize Chlorotic Mottle Machlomovirus (plant virus)
MCMVMine Countermeasures Vehicle
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"Mine countermeasures vessels contribute to keeping the sea lanes, both at home and abroad, clear and safe."
Smith, lamented, "We have lost control of the seas to a nation without a navy, using pre-World War I weapons, laid by vessels that were utilized at the time of the birth of Christ." (2) The initial clearance operations saw three mine countermeasures vessels sunk by mines and more than a hundred personnel dead or wounded.
As one of eight hunt class mine countermeasures vessels, HMS Ledbury is one of the Royal Navy's most capable and expensive warships.
The Swedish naval shipyard Kockums AB, part of the German HDW Group, announced on Thursday (23 December) that it had received a contract to carry out a mid-life upgrade of five of Sweden's Landsort-class mine countermeasures vessels.
A new, larger headquarters is planned for the UKMCC, as well as facilities to provide engineering and logistics support for the four Royal Navy mine countermeasures vessels based in Bahrain.
The mine countermeasures vessels (MCMVs) set off from Bahrain to link up with counterparts from the US Navy.
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