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One of those made redundant in 2014 was Christian Dunk- wor, the former assistant chair- man of Ghana's Mine Workers' Union.
One of those made redundant in 2014 was Christian Dunkwor, the former assistant chairman of Ghana's Mine Workers' Union.
Dawnus has inked a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the United Mine workers' Union of Sierra Leone.
But they have come under fire from a group within the ZCTU ranks, calling itself the "Concerned ZCTU Affiliates", made up of the Commercial Workers' Union of Zimbabwe, Leather and Shoe Workers' Union, Associated Mine Workers' Union, Transport and General Workers' Union, and the Zimbabwe Construction and Allied Workers' Union.
As Joseva (Joe) Sadreu, president of the Fiji Mine Workers' Union and one of the striking gold miners who left his station 12 years ago on the chance that he could improve the lot of all gold miners, says, "Our struggle is not only for us and our families, but for all workers who face injustice in their lives".
It was led by the Mine Workers' Union of Canada (MWUC), which was affiliated to the WUL.
Then followed an aftermath of repression, as the state prosecuted those associated with the Workers' Unity League, the driving force behind Mine Workers' Union of Canada, Local 27, with which the coal diggers were affiliated.
coal mines and began operating new mines in Colombia, two leaders of the local mine workers' union were assassinated.
The United Mine Workers' union was also hostile to change until 1969, notwithstanding the obvious interest of its rank and file in reform.
From Forrest City, Arkansas, in 1965, he went on to work with the mine workers' union in Harlan County, with the textile workers' union in the J.
When I asked in which country had leaders of the mine workers' union been imprisoned, many people gave the Soviet Union as a knee-jerk reaction.
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