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M/SMeter(s) per Second
M/SModeling and Simulation
M/SMail Stop (postal abbreviation)
M/SMessieurs (plural of Mister)
M/Smiles per second
M/SMotor Ship
M/SMiniature Sheet (of stamps)
M/SMessage Switch
M/SMonths After Sight
M/SMedia and Status
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ISLAMABAD -- Iranian researchers at the Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch, Central Iran, have designed and developed three types of military, rescue and minesweeping robots to boost control over borders.
They took part in vital minesweeping and convoy escort duties on the Western Approaches from the town.
Their ARCIMS (ATLAS Remote Combined Influence Minesweeping System) "provides a toolbox of capabilities for multi-influence minesweeping operations."
Various other naval accidents reported in recent months included a submarine running aground in Mumbai's harbour, fires on a minesweeping vessel and an aircraft carrier, and a collision between a frigate and a fishing boat.
In addition to minesweeping and flying drones, the event also included escorting ships and protecting offshore terminals that oil and gas exporters in the Gulf rely on.
Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said in March a permanent naval task force in the Mediterranean was needed to defend Russia's interests in the region.A senior defence ministry official said the Mediterranean task force's command and control agencies would be based either in Novorossiysk, Russia, or in Sevastopol, Ukraine.Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, head of Russia's parliamentary defence committee, previously told RIA Novosti that the Mediterranean task force should be comprised of ten warships and support vessels as part of several tactical groups tasked with attack, antisubmarine warfare and minesweeping.The Soviet Union maintained its fifth Mediterranean Squadron from 1967 until 1992.
In addition to minesweeping and flying drones, this year's event will also include escorting ships and protecting offshore terminals that oil and gas exporters in the Gulf rely on.
Vice Admiral John Miller, commander of the US Fifth Fleet, said yesterday that a massive naval minesweeping exercise involving 41 countries was not directed at Iran.
An international environment conservation group yesterday urged the US Navy to do the right thing and finance the restoration and continued protection of the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park after its minesweeping vessel ran aground in the area two weeks ago.
The Maritime Self-Defense Force joined a U.S.-led minesweeping exercise in the waters around the Arabian Peninsula in September as Iran has repeatedly threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation against economic sanctions imposed by western countries to pressure Tehran to end its nuclear development program.
The Exelis multiple-influence sweep systems are towed at high speeds through deep-ocean and littoral waters by helicopters, minesweeping ships or are remotely operated during mine-clearance operations, the company said