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MGMyasthenia Gravis
MGMorris Garages (UK sports car manufacturer)
MGMachine Gun
MGMinas Gerais (Brazil)
MGMetal Gear (game)
MGManagement Group
MGMedical Group
MGMajor General
MGMardi Gras
MGMorning Glory
MGMadagascar (ISO country code, top level domain)
MGMaster Gardener
MGMedia Gateway (packet based telephony; between PSTN and packet network)
MGMel Gibson (actor/producer)
MGMixed Grain (lumber industry)
MGMarvin Gaye (singer)
MGMahatma Gandhi
MGMagic Gate (Sony memory card DRM)
MGMiddle Ground (sprite comic website)
MGMean Girls (film)
MGMaschinengewehr (German: Machine Gun)
MGMatch Game
MGMini-Game (gaming)
MGMilitary Government
MGMachine Gunner
MGMain Gauche (accordion, left hand side)
MGMatt Groening
MGMiniature Golf
MGMilli Gazette (Indian newspaper)
MgMegagram (metric tonne)
MGMonitoring Group (supervisory body)
MGMarine Group
MGMonster Garage (Discovery Channel)
MGMetal Gate (semiconductors)
MGMolecular Geometry (chemistry)
MGMini-Gun (light machine gun)
MGManaging Gigabytes
MGMagic Gladiator (gaming)
MGMaximum Gain (antennas)
MGMongolian Grill (restaurant)
MGMetallgesellschaft (Frankfurt, Germany)
MGMaster Gunner (UK Military)
MGMissile Guidance (radar)
MGMetre-Gauge (railway)
MGMinimum Guarantee
MGMain Generator
MGMessage Generator
MGMultinational Group
MGMauser Gewehr (WWII German infantry)
MGMulti-Grid (algorithm)
MGMoongate (online game, now Materia Magica)
MGMedal for Gallantry (Australian Defence Force)
MGMenin Gate
mGMiles Gloriosus (gaming clan)
MGMinority Game (financial markets model)
MGMaxwell-Garnett (formula)
MGMarine Gunner
MGMessage Gateway
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MGMega Geek
MGMirovna Grupa
MGMean Grayness
MGMissing Grade (various schools)
MGMinister of the Gospel
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This kind of event is typically run as a fundraiser, with the proceeds divided between the Library Mini-Golf company and the hosting library.
The 13th hole is billed as the longest mini-golf hole in the world--a 201-foot downhill hole with several options for reaching the green with one stroke.
Every year, professional mini-golf players putt away at the Masters of Pro Mini Golf.
The core entertainment offering will be an 18-hole miniature golf course designed by Harris Mini-Golf (www.
An outdoor, 10-hole, mini-golf course opened on Saltburn seafront last month and has already proved popular with punters.
LIVERPOOL Golf Centre & Driving Range has completed the second and third phase of its development by adding a golf pro shop, cafe, nine-hole mini-golf and short game area.
1 as the Friends of the Westborough Public Library hosts its annual Masters of Literacy Mini-Golf Fundraiser.
PROPOSALS have been made to open a cafe at a coastal mini-golf facility instead of a restaurant, following opposition from residents.
Last year saw the opening of a new US-style 18-hole mini-golf course, which has already attracted over 30,000 visitors.
The scheme, set up by the South Birmingham Development Group, has seen six schools build their own mini-golf courses with many more offering lessons and golf activities.
The scorecard from your mini-golf game, a pic of that too-cute panda at the zoo, your recital program.
airs at a juiced-up abandoned mini-golf course in Buffallo, NY.