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MALDMiniature Air Launched Decoy
MALDMaster of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (Fletcher School)
MALDMatrix Assisted Laser Desorption (biochemistry)
MALDMulti-Array Laser Diode (thermal imaging)
MALDMaster of the Academy of Laser Dentistry
MALDMaster of Arts in Landscape Design
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This first increment for the weapons bay upgrade adds capacity to carry Joint Direct Attack Munitions while future increments add Joint Air to Surface Stand Off Missile and Miniature Air Launched Decoy capabilities, and increases the weapons capacity for the B-52 by more than 50 percent.
Air Force accepted delivery of Raytheon Company's first Miniature Air Launched Decoy low rate initial production unit.
Since the Gulf War, significant strides have been made in air-launched decoys and have manifested themselves in the Miniature Air Launched Decoy (MALD).
Raytheon's Miniature Air Launched Decoy Completes Flight Testing.
Future increments of the weapons bay launcher upgrade program will add the capability to carry Joint Air-to-Surface Stand Off Missiles and Miniature Air Launched Decoys.
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