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MINIDVMini Digital Videotape
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SproutConverter is an indispensable program to use in combination with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or any other video transferring program to batch clean your digitized VHS, Hi8, 8mm, Video8, miniDV tapes, and more, to remove video distortion, video noise, blank spaces, and static.
The image is transferred to MiniDV format and later copied to the computer into an .avi file, and has a sampling frequency of 30Hz (30 frames per second).
The Sony HDR-FX7 is a lightweight camcorder capable of delivering 1080i video via MiniDV tapes using the HDV format.
Para o registro dos dados, alem da marcacao em uma planilha, foi usada uma camera SONY MiniDV, DCR-HC21.
Una unidad movil con una camara Minidv Cannon persigue al mandatario todo el tiempo, y es la empresa responsable de editar los "testimonios ciudadanos" durante el espectaculo preparado para el Teatro Morelos.
You have a wide range of options--from tape-based, miniDV, to HD (and more in between).
The picture is shot on a restrictive budget, in the most ordinary of media (miniDV) and in the ordinary anal quotidian space of Buenos Aires province.
Piles of tapes - from VHS to Hi8 to MiniDV - have been stored, but it is a hassle to watch home movies.
Camera (color/B&W, HD, 8mm, 16mm, VHS, Betamax, miniDV), Tobin Yelland; editor, Lenny Mesina; supervising editor, Fernando Villena; music, Money Mark; music supervisor, Randall Poster; sound, Joel Dougherty, Tim LeBlanc; animation, Geoff McFetridge; associate producers, Mathew Shattuck, Christian Strike.
The digital signal was sent through a Sony MiniDV digital video recorder (GV-D300E) PAL player then to the Sony Trinitron (PVM-14N5A) colour display monitor.
Y, bueno, con esto le estoy diciendo tambien que la nula calidad de imagen es algo que no sucede con la SD9 de Panasonic, una videocamara en la que no extranara el (ya obsoleto) MiniDV, un DVD y ni siquiera el disco duro de otras ofertas.
Video clips in MiniDV (NTSC) and DVD (multizone format) only must be received before midnight on June 15, 2008, addressed to: International Secretariat for Water 7, rue de la Commune O., bureau 203 Montreal (Quebec) Canada H2Y 2C5 Visit]videeau en.html for more information.