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MEMMaster of Environmental Management (various universities)
MEMMethods in Electron Microscopy
MEMMinisterio de Energia y Minas (Guatemala)
MEMMinimum Essential Medium (culture medium)
MEMMinimal Essential Medium (culture medium)
MEMModified Eagle's Medium (culture media)
MEMMaster of Engineering Management
MEMMissouri Employers Mutual (Columbia, MO)
MEMMultilateral Evaluation Mechanism (drug trafficking)
MEMMetro Ethernet Manager
MEMMacro Editor Macro
MEMMemory Manager
MEMMaximum Entropy Method
MEMMain Event Mafia (wrestling)
MEMMajor Economies Meeting
MEMMinistry of Energy and Mines
MEMMinistère de l'Énergie et des Mines (French: Ministry of Energy and Mines; various locations)
MEMMedical Electronics Manufacturing (magazine)
MEMMobile Enterprise Management (software)
MEMMiddle Earth Mud (gaming)
MEMMunicipal Emergency Manager (Australia)
MEMManufacturing Enterprise Model
MEMMajor Emergency Management (offshore oil & gas industry)
MEMMining Environmental Management
MEMManufacturing Equipment Monitor
MEMManufacturing Engineering Memo (various companies)
MEMMonocular Estimate Method (ophthalmology)
MEMMars Excursion Module
MEMModule Exchange Mechanism (US NASA)
MEMMemphis, TN, USA - Memphis International Airport (Airport Code)
MEMMinimum Endogenous Mortality
MEMMain Electronics Module
MEMMarine Engineering Mechanic (Royal Navy UK)
MEMMeasurement Error Model
MEMMellors Elliot Motorsport
MEMModal Emission Model
MEMMechanical Electrical Maintenance
MEMMultiple Engagement Model (military analysis model)
MEMMcAfee Enterprise Management
MEMMarine Equity Model
MEMMatjaz Eric Maj (Mem Couture; fashion brand)
MEMMarket Equipment Management
MEMModel Exercise Model
MEMMusica ExperiMente Ensemble (Contemporary Music Ensemble: Italy)
MEMMultiple-Entry Memory (software framework)
MEMMove Entity Manager (USAF)
MEMMature Equivalent of Milk
MEMMunition Effectiveness Manual
MEMMaximum Energy Management
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A total of 50,000 Vero cells were grown in 8 central wells of a 24-well cell culture cluster (Corning Incorporated, Corning, NY, USA) with minimal essential medium (MEM; Biowest, Nuaille, France) supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum (Biowest) and incubated at 37[degrees]C with 5% C[O.
The cells were seeded in Tissue Culture polystyrene plates (NUNC) enriched with Minimal Essential Medium supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum, 100units/ml of penicillin and 100 ig/ml streptomycin, respectively and incubated at 37 [degrees]C in humid atmosphere and 5% C[O.
Aspirated marrow of rat and goat were suspended in 20 ml a- Minimal Essential Medium (MEM--GIBCO) with 10% Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS North American) and 200 Units/ml of penicillin and 200 ig/ml streptomycin (Life Technologies, India).
Thus, we found the concentration of ascorbate in Eagle minimal essential medium supplemented with 10% serum to be between 1 and 5 [micro]M (Salnikow et al.
To increase the probability of SBV infection of injected cattle, 5 straws of semen ([approximately equal to] 220 [micro]L each) from 1 batch from an individual bull were pooled and diluted in minimal essential medium with antibiotics to 4 mL.
In brief, JB6 cells were cultured in Eagle's minimal essential medium (EMEM; BioWhittaker, Walkersville, MD) supplemented with 4% fetal bovine serum (FBS), 2 mM L-glutamine and 25 mg/mL gentamicin (Life Technologies/Gibco, Gaithersburg, MD).
Mosquitoes/pools were homogenized in a range of 500-700 [micro]L of minimal essential medium supplemented with 200 U/mL of antimicrobial drugs (penicillin/streptomycin) and 10% of fetal bovine serum and then were stored at -80[degrees]C until they were tested for flavivirus.
To isolate the virus, the positive pool was diluted 1:20 in the minimal essential medium, and 200 [micro]L were injected onto C6/36 (Aedes albopictus cells), RK-13 (rabbit kidney cells), and Vero (African green monkey cells) monolayer cells grown at a constant temperature for each cell line (33[degrees]C, 37[degrees]C, and 37[degrees]C, respectively).
After mosquito engorgement, the tips of the tails of 29 mice were severed and immediately homogenized in 300 [micro]L of Eagle's minimal essential medium (MEM) supplemented with 20% fetal bovine serum (FBS) in a Mixer Mill 300 (Retsch Inc.
The material collected was prepared in 20% suspension of Eagle minimal essential medium (MEM) with 1% antibiotic to isolate the virus by inoculations in bovine fetal kidney cell monolayers at the Instituto Biologico, Sao Paulo.
Twenty microliters of an overnight culture of bacteria grown in Luria-Bertani broth was added to the wells containing 1 mL of Dulbecco's minimal essential medium (D-MEM), supplemented with high glucose, and incubated for 15 and 30 min and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 18, 48, and 72 h.
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