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MELMaximum Exposure Limit
MELManufacturing Engineering Laboratory
MELMitsubishi Electric (Japan)
MELMinimum Equipment List
MELMulti-Engine Land
MELMaya Embedded Language
MELMineral Exploration Licence (Australia)
MELMichigan Electronic Library
MELMaster Equipment List
MELMilitary Education Level
MELMiscellaneous Electric Load (energy use)
MELMarine Engineering Laboratory
MELMiddle European League (volleyball)
MELMedical Entomology Laboratory
MELMaterial Engineering Laboratory
MELMaster Environmental Library
MELMaster Events List
MELMobile Experience Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
MELMaintenance Expenditure Limit
MELMinimum Equipment Level
MELModular Electromagnetic Levitator (astrophysics)
MELMelbourne, Victoria, Australia - Tullamarine (Airport Code)
MELMicro Enterprise Loan (Trinidad & Tobago facility)
MELMilitary Exercise Leader (Cooper Institute; Dallas, TX)
MELMobile Erector Launcher
MELMacaulay Enterprises Ltd.
MELMaster Environment Library
MELMain Events List
MELMaximum Engagement Line (US DoD)
MELMinimum Enroute Level
MELMedical Employment Limitation (Canada)
MELMinimum Essential Listing
MELMinimum Excitation Limit
MELMission Essential Level
MELMaximum Emergency Load
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Determining that there is or isn't an existing master minimum equipment list (MMEL) for your specific aircraft is a good starting point for your research.
All aircraft come with a Minimum Equipment List ( MEL), which lists the equipment that have to be in perfect working order for an aircraft to operate.
The FAA's master minimum equipment list for Part 91 operators limits the airplane to daytime VFR when only one of the two vacuum pumps is operational.
Recognizing FARs 91.205 and 91.213 can leave a lot of room for interpretation in the field--and the FAA hates interpretation--the agency developed the minimum equipment list, or MEL.
It also includes an e-Doc browser for access to the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC) or Minimum Equipment List (MEL) from a mobile device.
The operator's minimum equipment list for the airplane required the problem to be repaired within 10 days, but the operator improperly deferred maintenance on it for 60 days and allowed the unairworthy airplane to be flown by the accident flight crew.
It also include an e-Doc browser for access to the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC) or Minimum Equipment List (MEL) from a mobile device.
The deicer timer failure light was later deferred in accordance with the operator's minimum equipment list. Initial examinations revealed the airplane's deice systems were operational; however, the deicer timer failure light illuminated.
Editing for OEM documentation: Viasat AeroDocs v18.3 now allows airline customers to import complex and large OEM manuals into Viasat AeroDocs including flight crew operations manuals, quick reference handbooks and minimum equipment lists.
The checks and audits would cover issues like safety preparedness at airports, whether crucial documents like minimum equipment lists or fire- fighting equipment are on board a flight, whether pilots are carrying their licences or how engineering activities or the mandatory breath analyser tests are being conducted by airlines.
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