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MLOSMinimum Level of Service
MLOSMicrowave Line of Sight
MLOSMcAfee Linux Operating System (computing)
MLOSMinimum Length of Stay (prison term)
MLOSMedian Length of Service (hospice care)
MLOSMaking Light of Stress (course)
MLOSMulti Level Operating Systems (US DoD)
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Spanish law requires unions to provide a minimum level of service and it was indicated that one European flight in five will operate through the 24-hour period.
From the narrow perspective of the collection of the rates and the maintenance of a minimum level of service to the people, the council did the job well.
Operators promise to provide a minimum level of service as part of their contract bid..
A city consultant's study completed in 2007 showed that the police department would have to add 43.5 percent more employees to provide a minimum level of service typically found in other, similar-sized cities in the nation.
A service level agreement is little more than a guarantee of a minimum level of service. It provides enterprise customers with a guarantee that a particular service will be available a specified period of time and meet specific minimum levels of performance.
The public know who their neighbourhood policing team are, how they can hold them to account and the minimum level of service they should expect;
Performance targets are there to ensure that the public receives a guaranteed minimum level of service."
Until Fitchburg can get to that minimum level of service, she said, waivers won't even be entertained.
QDoes an employee have to have to a minimum level of service in order to make a claim of wrongful dismissal?
For the first time, each council will be able to lay down the minimum level of service bus companies provide, including frequency and fares.
There is minimum level funding for providers who deliver a specified minimum level of service. The second level of funding is higher and is available because the Ministry of Education recognises that having more qualified staff in an ECE centre contributes to the quality of education.
In addition, some state laws and regulations may also affect price competition, such as those prohibiting brokers from giving clients rebates on commissions and those requiring brokers to provide consumers with a minimum level of service. Although such provisions can protect consumers, the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have argued that they may prevent price competition or reduce consumers' choice of brokerage services.
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