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MQPModel Question Paper (education)
MQPMajor Qualifying Project (Worcester Polytech)
MQPMary Queen of Peace (church)
MQPMedical Qigong Practitioner
MQPMinimum Qualifying Period (Canadian pension plans)
MQPManufacturing Quality Plan
MQPMilitary Qualification Program
MQPMarketing Qualified Prospect
MQPManufacturer Quality Products (website)
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Among the key features of the agreement is the totalization provision which allows the consolidating or adding together of contribution periods excluding those that overlap under Philippine and Danish legislation for the benefit of a worker who fails to meet the minimum qualifying period for pension entitlement in either or both countries.
However, while nearly half of the People's Panel think EU migrants should become eligible for Jobseeker's Allowance within two years or less of coming here, only 3% would be in favour of scrapping the current three month minimum qualifying period.
Even with the extension of the qualifying period from one to two years, employers also still face the risk of certain automatically unfair claims, such as discrimination, which do not require a minimum qualifying period of service.
Similarly, increasing the qualifying period for unfair dismissal from one year to two years will not prevent other claims being brought which don't require a minimum qualifying period, such as discrimination.
He said, after a minimum qualifying period, customers would have access to small low cost loans.
The minimum qualifying period for severance payments is being increased from one year to two, while those earning less than pounds 25,000 will get up to three years' pay.
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