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On a good day, when the formula worked, his minimum travel time was five hours.
A standard flight to Japan takes a minimum travel time of four hours, an ample time to watch a movie or catch-up to episodes of popular TV series.
After NI simulation-based evaluation of the minimum travel time along all candidate curves, in order to perform a lane-change maneuver faster, the selection of lane-change path based on path geometric characteristics is proposed.
If the minimum travel time from [O.sub.d] to [D.sub.d] is [mathematical expression not reproducible], the travel-time flexibility of request d is [mathematical expression not reproducible].
The total trip time for the trip option with minimum travel time is represented by [T.sub.i.sup.min].
[t.sub.ij.sup.min]: minimum travel time by car in time steps for each link (i, j) which is obtained from the free flow speed with an absolute minimum of one time step (2.5 minutes in this application).
Then, according to assumption (A3), the reliable path can be defined as follows: among all the paths between OD pair w, the reliable path between OD pair w is the path with minimum travel time budget.
The focus is on destinations with minimum travel time along with value for money.
How does the inclusion of medical oncology VCC sites vary in their effect on the minimum travel time based on the type of location, that is, urban area, large rural city, small rural town, isolated rural town?
The operator, Keisei Electric Railway Co., has introduced a new model of ''Skyliner'' train, which runs at 160 kilometers per hour, among the fastest on a conventional line in Japan, and cuts the minimum travel time between Nippori Station in Tokyo and Narita by 15 minutes to 36 minutes.
Direct flights are now offered to Chambery and Salzburg enabling them to get on the slopes with minimum travel time - fares to the Alps start from just pounds 59 and pre-assigned seating means there is no scramble prior to departure.
The advantage was the extraordinary amount of time saved in allowing physicians almost immediate access to hospital ORs with a minimum travel time delay, and also allowing them to return to their office schedules with a minimum of delay.
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