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Sahu, a member of the Minimum Wages Advisory Board, at Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India, who was in New York last week, said Indians abroad were faced with embarrassing situations when the erstwhile Congress Party were riddled with corruption and misuse of power, ruled the nation for a decade.
He said during the last two years, the minimum wage rates were adjusted, on the advice of the Minimum Wages Advisory Board by nine (9) percent for 2012/2013 through statutory instrument NO 55 of 2013, except in the agricultural sector where the minimum wage was increased by 12.
In addition, Mr Batshu said in 2012 government approved the recommendation by the minimum wages advisory board to carry out a comprehensive review of the minimum wages adding that the review will take into account the peculiarities of each and every trade or sector that is eligible for minimum wage regulations.
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