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Establishing a minimum wall thickness based on high temperature performance also serves to minimize the rigidity of the duct.
375" minimum wall thickness, coated) installed by boring and jacking with 16" water line, including coated copper wire and all incidentals.
Once the minimum wall thickness has been established for performance, the designer's thought should turn to manufacturing.
This is shown in Table 3, and in each case, the effect of each parameter is recorded as the change in the minimum wall thickness and wall thickness range from those at the reference settings.
9-2003, the Standard for Factory-Made Wrought Buttwelding Fittings, provides only a minimum wall thickness tolerance.
minimum wall thickness, the one-piece D357 aluminum alloy component replaced a fabrication of 11 aluminum parts.
Carbonated beverage: burst pressure, shelf Life, stress cracking, drop impact strength, axial load, minimum wall thickness, fill point drop, and thermal stability.
Very often there is also a minimum wall thickness specified, usually for the bottom corner.
The objective is to estimate the minimum wall thickness of a smooth wall tube to resist external/negative (vacuum) or internal/positive pressure.
The practical minimum wall thickness for a particular casting configuration can be determined based on experiments using inexpensive and accurately made loose patterns.
where P is the applied internal pressure, t the minimum wall thickness and [D.
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