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MFRMemorandum For Record
MFRRogue Valley International/Medford Airport (airport code; Medford, OR, USA)
MFRMaison Familiale Rurale (French: Rural Family House; educational association)
MFRMarine Forces Reserve (USMC)
MFRMinimum Funding Requirement
MFRMineFactory Reloaded
MFRMultifuntion Relay (various companies)
MFRMyofascial Release
MFRMelt Flow Rate
MFRMissing Frame Ratio
MFRMulti Frequency Receivers
MFRMulti Function Recorder
MFRMultiple Frame Rate
MFRMoray Firth Radio (UK Radio Station)
MFRManaging for Results
MFRMass Flow Rate
MFRMemorandum for the Record
MFRMultilink Frame Relay
MFRMitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. (Japan)
MFRManipulator Foot Restraint (US NASA)
MFRMedical First Responder
MFRMulti Family Residential
MFRMedicinska Forskningsrådet (Swedish Medical Research Council)
MFRMaria Fiorini Ramirez (New York; New York)
MFRMulti-Function Recorder (Addonics)
MFRMaximum Flight Rate
MFRMulti-Filter Radiometer
MFRMultifunction Radar
MFRMiddle French (linguistics)
MFRMarine Force Recon
MFRMilitary Flight Release (US Air Force)
MFRMy Finest Regards
MFRMotion for Relief
MFRMiddle Finger Response
MFRMale-Female Relationship (psychology)
MFRMedford, OR, USA - Medford-Jackson County Airport (Airport Code)
MFRMamari Freres (Lebanon)
MFRMulti Frequency Receiver
MFRMemo for the Record
MFRMulti-Function Radio
MFRMobile Force Reserve (UK MoD)
MFRMission Fired Report
MFRMost Forward with Fixed Radius
MFRMinimum Financial Responsibility
MFRMatched-Filter Receiver
MFRModulation Frequency Range
MFRMonthly Failure Rate
MFRMaterial Failure Report
MFRMountain Fresh Rainier
MFRMen and Family Relationships (Australia)
MFRMaintenance Fault Reporting
MFRManipulator/Mobile Foot Restraint
MFRMalfunction Receiver
MFRMember of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (award)
MFRMcLean Family Restaurant (McLean, VA)
MFRMaximum Fragment Range (military munitions)
MFRMainfranken Racing e.V. (Germany)
MFRMaintenance Fee Revenue
MFRMaster Formula Record (pharmaceutical)
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Where a plan chooses to keep both a funding standard account and an alternative minimum funding standard account, the tax will be based on the lower minimum funding requirement. (7)
Where a plan has failed to satisfy the necessary requirements prior to the effective date of the conversion, the prior minimum funding requirements will continue to apply to the plan.
A pension plan with a fixed age-weighted formula is similar to a profit sharing plan with a fixed formula except that as a pension plan, it is subject to the Code's minimum funding requirements. This means that an annual contribution equal to the amount required under the plan formula must be made or penalties are imposed.
* The IAS19 deficit could be increased (or surplus reduced) to allow for extra contributions required to cover any shortfall in the minimum funding requirement.
The minimum funding requirement is USD187m for the year.
He said he will relax the minimum funding requirement.
Accordingly, taxpayers who have successfully established retiree benefits reserves under their welfare benefit funds must now be concerned that they are subject to an annual minimum funding requirement that may be similar to the one for qualified defined benefit pension plans.
Removes the minimum funding requirement. While the governor is committed to ensuring that the legislature satisfies its duty to fund schools, the proposed trigger of one percent of the overall adequacy target plus $93 million artificially inflates the minimum funding number and jeopardizes Tier II funding.
This contribution exceeds the minimum funding requirement applicable to Continental's pension plans
Continental Airlines said it is contributing an additional $70 million to its pension plans, bringing its 2006 contributions to $246 million, a total it said exceeded the minimum funding requirement. "I'm pleased that we have achieved a solid record for making our required contributions, plus some," Chairman and CEO Larry Kellner said.
Meantime, the self-same Government was weakening pension schemes by depriving them of tax relief on dividends and also scaling back the minimum funding requirement.
Other measures included in the Bill in a bid to make it easier for companies to offer pensions included cutting the red tape surrounding schemes, simplifying the rules over contracting out of the state second pension and reforming the minimum funding requirement.
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