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MHWMonster Hunter World (gaming)
MHWMen's Health Week
MHWMean High Water
MHWMy Hot Wife
MHWMemorial Hospital West (Florida)
MHWMinistry of Health and Welfare (Japan; now the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
MHWMental Health Worker
MHWModel Helicopter World (magazine)
MHWMulti-Hundred Watt
MHWMixed Hardwoods
MHWMixed Hazardous Waste
MHWMasonry Headwall
MHWMinimum Half-Window
MHWMile High Wakeboarding (Arvada, CO)
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The Ministry of Health and Welfare imposed a fine on 33 variations of 15 drug brands and also suspended insurance coverage for nine variations of two drug types, including Alzheimer's drug Exelon, for six months.
When a New Community hall is built with the support from the MOPAS, the Ministry of Health and Welfare will open a health center in the hall to offer basic medical services.
Tokyo: Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan, Environmental Health Bureau, Food Sanitation Division; 1996.
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