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MINMinistério (Portuguese: ministry; postal usage)
MINMineola (Amtrak station code; Mineola, TX)
MINMost Important Now (personal management)
MINMortgage Identification Number
MINMobile Identification Number
MINMultistage Interconnect Network
MINMultistage Interconnection Network
MINMinimally Invasive Neurosurgery
MINMarketing Information Network
MINMedical Information Network
MINMarché Immobilier des Notaires (French)
MINMaterials in Inventory
MINMichigan Information Network
MINMango Information Network (Philippines)
MINMacomb Industrial Network (Macomb Community College)
MINMalaysian Interfaith Network (Malaysia)
MINMobile Intelligent Network
MINMultimodal Investment Network
MINMotor Identification Number
MINMultigenerational Innovations Network
MINMember of the Institute of Navigation
MINMaintenance Interface Network
MINMicrowave Integrated Noise
MINManufacturing Identification Number
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MATS uses rigorous survey methods, including computer-assisted telephone interviewing, consistent core questions, random-digit-dialing (RDD) sampling, and survey weighting based on available characteristics of the adult Minnesota population.
of Minnesota's Technical Assistance Program and Change Management Associates, Mt.
"Minnesota state parks and trails are a treasure for residents of Twins Territory.
Blue Cross employees will add their input to help shape the service and make it more effective for Minnesota consumers.
During her trip to Minnesota, Kawai visited Benton Cooperative Telephone Co.
The short list of projects from Minnesota Power's Biomass Initiative includes building a new 50 megawatt biomass fueled unit at its Laskin Energy Center in Hoyt Lakes; using biomass fuel at existing Minnesota Power facilities; and developing projects at customer sites, which provide process improvements and generation additions.
The medical leadership of Children's of Minnesota took this step in order to raise the bar on safety.
account over Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. However, when Northwest Airlines decided to go with one plan as part of its financial restructuring, the Blues plan became the sole insurer over Medica and UnitedHealth for the airline's 30,000 employees in August.
The Minnesota Department of Human Services' next step in its transformational process was to put significant emphasis on creating a new infrastructure for addressing future needs.
In the new images, Titan's north polar region looks a lot like Minnesota. Underneath the moon's atmospheric haze, there are lots of lake-shaped, dark areas with channels running between them.
The state of Minnesota has sponsored several research studies on the use of recycled shingles in HMA over the past 15 years.
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