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The teacher-run school idea was born in Henderson, Minn., in 1994, with the creation of the Minnesota New Country School (MNCS).
While attention is welcome, it's disappointing that two recent studies, and other insights from Minnesota New Country School (MNCS), the original teacher cooperative, were not included in "Teacher Cooperatives" (features, Spring 2009).
They are: Gateway High School (Calif.); Media and Technology Charter High School (Mass.); Minnesota New Country School; North Star Academy Charter School of Newark (N.J.); The Preuss School (Calif.); The SEED Public Charter School (District of Columbia); Toledo School for the Arts (Ohio); and YES College Preparatory School (Texas).
The eight schools are: the Media Technology Charter High School, Boston; Gateway High School, San Francisco; The Preuss School, La Jolla, Calif.; SEED Public Charter School, Washington, D.C.; Minnesota New Country School, Henderson, Minn.; North Star Academy Charter School, Newark, N.J.; YES College Preparatory School, Houston; and Toledo School for the Arts, Toledo, Ohio.
This growing business is not the product of a recent graduate of a top MBA program, but of an 18-year-old high school student who recently graduated from the Minnesota New Country School. Reed created his e-business as part of his school's groundbreaking curriculum that replaces 45-minute courses, bells, and traditional lectures with a research-intensive educational program that allows students to choose and develop research projects structured around the individual student's academic interests and needs.
The foundation says that, building on a previous grant to replicate the Minnesota New Country School, these grants will support the efforts of nine intermediary organizations to "work with local communities to replicate high-quality alternative schools, expand and improve existing schools, convert programs that offer GEDs into high school diploma-granting schools, and initiate policy and technical assistance efforts."
But the book also offers some fresh ideas, like the Minnesota New Country School profiled by Rofes.
Finally, the Minnesota New Country School [see Ross Corson], presents a different dilemma, Like almost all charters, the MNCS contract provides that the school "must design its programs to at least meet the outcomes adopted by the State Board of Education" and that the state will cancel the charter for "failure to meet the requirements for pupil performance." But like most state exams, Minnesota's minimum competency exam is so minimal that New Country students, coming from relatively advantaged and educationally motivated families, could probably pass it if they never went to school at all.
The Minnesota New Country School (MNCS) in Henderson, Minn., has been operating as a learner-centered school since 1994 and is recognized as one of the best learner-centered schools in the country.
* The Minnesota New Country School (MNCS) in Henderson has received a $4-million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to replicate itself.
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