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The Minnesota News Council, the nation's granddaddy of press councils, reported that some 90 percent of the complaints it received were resolved without hearings.
Media professionals and news organizations are active in both the Minnesota News Council and the Washington News Council.
"In fact, the paper had disclosed its interest in print," said Gary Gilson, executive director of the Minnesota News Council, in an interview with E&P.
Bob Shaw, founding member of the Minnesota News Council, says that news councils are good for the news media but the media does not particularly like the councils.
Gary Gilson, executive director of the Minnesota News Council, said they exist not to censure newspapers, but to provide a forum for public discussion of news-gathering standards.
The most notable example is the Minnesota News Council. Established in 1971, the council calls itself "a moral force for fairness." Proponents of this approach say it makes news outlets more accountable and in doing so, bolsters public trust in the media.
Louis Beacon, and Gary Gilson, former head of the Minnesota News Council. Bill Babcock, SIUC ethics professor and editor of the Gateway Journalism Review, moderated.
THE HEAD OF the Minnesota News Council portrayed news councils as an effective means of breaking down the "stone wall" between the media and their audiences, while his opponent in a debate called them "dangerous," an "unelected, quasi-governmental body" and a "threat to some of our most sacred values and basic freedoms,"
He encountered the Minnesota News Council when he served as news director for WCCO-TV.
In a nutshell, the Minnesota News Council, now 25 years old, mediates disputes between the state's media outlets and those individuals or organizations that feel they have been wronged by news coverage.
Even the Minnesota News Council concedes it hasn't figured out how to handle complaints from outside the Twin Cities area.
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