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MCMDMerosin-Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy
MCMDMinor Cognitive Motor Disorder (HIV)
MCMDMotor Command
MCMDMulti-Casualty, Mass Decontamination (patient care)
MCMDMean Critical Monthly Dosage
MCMDMINDEF (Ministry of Defense) Centre for Management Development (Singapore)
MCMDManx Centre for Management Development (Isle of Man)
MCMDMission Critical Market Differentiating (business agility)
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In general, the severity of dementia in the post-HAART era has diminished and a mild form of cognitive dysfunction, called Minor Cognitive Motor Disorder (MCMD), is now the most common form of cognitive dysfunction in HIV-infected patients (BANDARU et al., 2007).
* HIV-associated minor cognitive motor disorder (a less severe form of HIV-related cognitive and psychomotor impairment)
Goodkin described HAD as the "tip of the iceberg." Other disorders that can arise from primary HIV infection in the CNS include minor cognitive motor disorder, delirium, aseptic meningitis, and vacuolar myelopathy "Psychotic disorders due to a general medical condition are [also] important to rule out."